Creating PowerScripts™ for New Patient Calls

with Dr. Roger Levin and Angela Pickett, Levin Group Vice President 

What should you say to win over new patients … even before their first visit? Here’s your chance to find out.

Renowned practice management consultant Dr. Roger Levin and Levin Group Vice President, Angela Pickett, use role-playing, straightforward advice, and their unique expertise to help you create a phone script that builds greater loyalty, production, and positivity, starting at “hello.”

Roger Levin
Angela Pickett
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Training Your Team to Turn New Patients into Lifelong Patients

Featuring Laura Hatch, MS, FAADOM, Founder of Front Office Rocks

Special guest expert Laura Hatch, founder of Front Office Rocks shares her proven strategies for turning new dental patient calls and first-time office visits into the foundation for long-lasting patient relationships.

Laura Hatch
Quote: Dental practices are too focused on getting new patients and not paying attention to our backdoor problems. The focus needs to be on training your team to build relationships that create lifelong patients.
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20 Ways to Impress New Dental Patients

Written by: Dr. Greg Grobmyer

When we are done prepping a crown, we “take” an impression. The tooth is already there, and we are merely making a working copy of it. When we first meet a new person, however, we say we “make” an impression. We are creating their experience from nothing but what we put into it.

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What Dental Patients Really Want

Featuring Todd Daum, Co-President/CMO at Futuredontics

This fast-paced presentation reviews the findings of a major, new national survey of consumer trends in dentistry. Over 1,100 dental patients were surveyed to provide answers to critical questions about the best ways to attract and retain new patients.

Don't miss the top 10 factors patients use for selecting a new dentist.

Todd Daum webinar information - What Dental Patients Really Want
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Teal graphic - Did You Know?

Did you know that the average dental office loses 20% of its dental patients every year? 

Our more than two million annual consumer inquiries can help you find the new – and qualified – patient leads you need to succeed in today’s ultra-competitive marketplace.

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8 Ways Successful Practices Build Lasting Patient Relationships

Featuring Gary Takacs, Host of The Thriving Dentist Show Podcast and Founder of Thriving Practice Academy

Dentistry’s #1 podcaster and successful practice owner, Gary Takacs, shares his proven strategy for growing a thriving practice. His unique, relationship-driven model ensures that first-time patients come back again and again.

Gary Tackas webinar information - 8 Ways Successful Practices Build Lasting Patient Relationships
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